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Does that mean everyone should throw in the comedic towel? Not at all, since the world would be a far less interesting and entertaining place if folks stopped telling jokes, stinkers included.

Luigi's Mansion 3 but some funny stuff happens .

Instead, take a few strategies to heart as you try to tickle your next funny bone:. Try a lot. Since most things aren't funny, the best solution is to simply try to be funny more often. A theme from our Humor Code travels is that the world's funniest people generate many, many ideas during the humor creation process—whether they are writing headlines for the Onion, drawing cartoons for the New Yorker, or dreaming up ads for the Super Bowl. Take a close look at how stand-up comedians do their job, and you'll find that they spend their days writing many jokes and their nights testing them.

As a result, the process of creating a solid hour of stand-up can take up to a year as an example, watch the movie Comedian, which details how even a stand-up legend like Jerry Seinfeld struggles to create new material. For the non-professional, just make a concerted effort to inject humor into casual interactions—with the barista at the coffee shop or the customer service agent at the airport. Sure, most of these attempts won't kill, but eventual a few of them will truly shine. Start with the bad. Mark Twain wrote, "The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in Heaven.

Jerry Seinfeld's approach to comedy illustrates this principle. By humorously highlighting the things that are wrong with everyday life, he conjures humor out of everyday situations. For everyday folks, the "Seinfeld strategy" can be as simple as noticing that the things that seem awry are actually the best material for a joke, quip or witticism. Be playful. Life can be stressful. Yet, a consistent theme in humor literature is that humor is often associated with safe, playful i.

Sarah Silverman's approach to comedy exemplifies this. The popular female comedian takes extreme violations about age, race, creed, or color and makes them benign by, say, weaving them into a cutesy song. The "Silverman strategy" can be tricky to implement. The last thing you want to do is offend a friend or colleague by stepping too far over the line. So first, make sure everyone is in the right mood.

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At work or at home, try to create a culture that encourages a playful and fun yet also respectful atmosphere. These strategies might not turn you into the next Chris Rock or even the life of the party. But considering how humor has been shown to improve people's happiness and helps build social relationships, making life funnier, even just a little bit, is surely worthwhile. Sure, most things aren't funny. But if you can make a few more things humorous, you'll reap the benefits. A version of this post was originally published on Huffington Post.

Follow the Humor Code on Facebook and Twitter. In my experience stupid responses make people laugh. Like somone comes up to me and im eating a burger and they ask what kind is that and then Ill just respond with something stupid like.. Ok that wasn't funny but im just tryin to make a point. That many times the stupid responses to things make people laugh the most. Because it's unexpected and random.

Especially girls..

Girls seem to think the sillyness of jokes and how just dumb things are are funny. I think that's why this girl jenna marbles has becomes so popular on youtube is because her humor is just..

Her vidoes of her are stupid. Like she has a video of "things id rather do instead of cleaning my room" and then goes on to do the most random things "peanut butter face" "eat chocolate" "smoke chocolate" "throw up from smoking chocolate". Girls and gay guys seem to resonate more with these types of silly dumb jokes. Many guys do too still, but more often men seem to be more serious and not think this dumb type of humor is funny.

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Like I think it's such an easy way to make something funny is to bring a random element to a situation. Of course genuine wit plays a roll overall in being able to be truly funny.

Most people that are funny use all forms of humor to make people laugh. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help.

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Back Magazine. But why is this funny? It is the oldest of all humor theories: Philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato alluded to the idea behind the superiority theory thousands of years ago. It suggests that all humor is derived from the misfortunes of others — and therefore, our own relative superiority. Taking this theory into consideration, it seems like the retreating moose is the butt of the joke in this scenario. Charles Gruner , the late expert on superiority theory, suggest that all humor is derived from competition.

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In this case, the moose lost that competition. Freud used this idea to explain our fascination with taboo topics and why we might find it humorous to acknowledge them. For example, my own line of research deals with humor in interracial interactions and how it can be used to facilitate these commonly tense situations. Many comedians have tackled this topic as well, focusing on how language is used in interracial settings and using it as an example of how relief can be funny.

Interestingly, this theory has served as the rationale behind many studies documenting the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter. In both cases, the relief of tension physiological tension, in the case of laughing can lead to positive health outcomes overall, including decreased stress, anxiety and even physical pain. In the case of our moose video: Once the moose charges, the tension builds as the man and the animal face off for an extended period of time. The tension is released when the moose gives up his ground, lowers his ears and eventually scurries away.

The video would probably be far less humorous if the tension had been resolved with violence — for instance, the moose trampling the man, or alternatively ending up with a stick in its eye. The incongruity theory of humor suggests that we find fundamentally incompatible concepts or unexpected resolutions funny. Basically, we find humor in the incongruity between our expectations and reality. Resolving incongruity can contribute to the perception of humor as well.

When identifying what makes a humorous situation funny, this theory can be applied broadly; it can account for the laughs found in many different juxtaposed concepts. Take the following one-liners as examples:. My friend gave it to me as he was dying. It seemed very important to him that I have it.

In the case of our moose video, the incongruity results from the false expectation that the interaction between man and moose would result in some sort of violence. When we see our expectations foiled, it results in the perception of humor. Incongruity is also a fundamental part of the benign violations theory of humor BVT , one of the most recently developed explanations. Broadly, benign violations theory asserts that all humor derives from three necessary conditions:.

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The presence of some sort of norm violation, be it a moral norm violation robbing a retirement home , social norm violation breaking up with a long-term boyfriend via text message or physical norm violation purposefully sneezing directly on a child. The interpretation of the first two points simultaneously. In other words, one must view, read or otherwise interpret a violation as relatively harmless.

Thus far, researchers studying BVT have demonstrated a few different scenarios in which the perception of a benign violation could take place — for example, when there is weak commitment to the norm being violated. Take the example of a church raffling off a Hummer SUV.