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The Metamorphosis

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Superposed mountingFrame with ball catches superposed version is fixed to door.. Fire-fighters comm.. Product news. Here's why. Solar and wind power are growing so rapidly that for the first time ever, the United States will likely get more power in from renewable energy than from coal, according to projections from the Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis. This milestone is being driven by the gangbusters growth for solar and wind as well as the stunning collapse of coal.

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And it comes as the United Nations warned on Tuesday that countries are not doing enough to keep the planet's temperature from rising to near-catastrophic levels. Secretive energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough. For decades, coal was the cornerstone of the power industry. But a combination of environmental concerns, aging plants and competition have caused a sharp decline in coal usage in the United States. Coal provided about half of America's power generation between and However, coal usage started to fall sharply late in the last decade because of the abundance of cheap natural gas. Despite President Donald Trump's promise to save coal, the industry's decline has only continued. This was underlined by last month's bankruptcy of Murray Energy , America's largest private coal mining company.

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  6. US power companies are rapidly retiring old coal plants and replacing them with wind and solar farms. Navajo Generation Station, the largest coal-fired power plant in the West, permanently closed last week. The shutdown means that South Nevada's electricity is now coal-free. US power plants are expected to consume less coal next year than at any point since , according to the EIA. That shrinking market share makes existing coal plants even less profitable.

    This trend is playing out overseas as well. That drop is being driven by record declines from Germany and South Korea as well as the first dip in India in at least three decades. Dennis Wamsted, editor and analyst at IEEFA, is predicting that will be the "crossover year" in the United States, where coal is supplanted by renewables, which include solar, wind, hydropower, biomass and geothermal.

    This transition has already played out in Texas, which was long a coal-first state.